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What is foundation style dog training? Is it right for my dog?

The Foundation Style Dog Training System is designed to empower dog owners with a systematic method of troubleshooting the causes of problem behaviors and subsequently developing the best possible plan to address even the most challenging issues. Simply put, we will figure out why your dog is showing unwanted behaviors and then we will use gentle correction techniques to fix the behavior. 

Quality dog training is available in your area. Contact me to schedule a consultation!

Foundation Style Training

Your dog is a beloved part of your family. I will use the building blocks shown on the pyramid to troubleshoot behaviors and to find a custom training plan that will provide results in a positive and respectful approach.


What my clients are saying

If you are looking for a fabulous trainer, Scott is your guy!! He is so passionate and knowledgeable about his work, and is wonderful with our dog.  We truly saw a difference in our dog's behavior and attitude within the first 15 minutes of Scott working with her.  It helped us to see that we are capable of training her to be a good girl!  He has already equipped us with so much knowledge to help us be the best dog owners we can be, such as information on her body language cues or tips for better communicating with her.  Our pup is especially challenging on walks and Scott modeled for us how to train her to function better on a leash with so many distractions around.  He met our dog where she was and focused on her specific needs. We genuinely cannot wait to continue working with him. It has already been such a positive experience!! If you have a tricky pup, he can support you for sure!

Rachel G. - Tampa

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